Burger & Sandwich Shops

Yummy Tummy Full Burgers & Sandwiches!

Enjoy Simplifying For Your Guests!

Burger and Sandwiches shops are the fastest growing segment in the Restaurant industry.

30% of restaurants are Fast Casual restaurants such as Burgers and Sandwich shops. Yet, they are prone to common issues of long delays and congested seating and most of all in-efficient ordering experience.

Pickyto is best suite to improve Guest Satisfaction and increase bottom line savings.

Deliver Hassle Free Ordering

With Pickyto, guest can order in less than 3 minutes. Customers are Happy with less hassle. Restaurants partners are happy with more orders processed.

Its a happy reinforcing circle with Pickyto!

Connect & Grow

Repeat customers are the single biggest source of growth and revenues in the restaurant & hospitality industry.

Connect and grow your loyal customer base with Pickyto!

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Pickyto’s Forte is Express Ordering Solutions.

Best Solutions for Fast Food / Fast Casual /Quick Service Restaurants

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