Pick Up, To Go – Order Ahead Mobile App

More Orders.
Bigger Orders.
Grow Revenues

Do Not Lose Customers To Queues!

Even before Corono Virus pandemic hit us hard, more than 60% of customers prefer ordering food via mobile app than traditional cashier counters?

Just imagine the repercussions now to your restaurant guests. Guest are going to be scared and running away if they see queues.

Take Pre-Orders, Grab-N-Go orders to satisfy your customers. Go Pickyto

Switch To Digital Menu – on Mobile App.

Post COVID-19, Paper Menu will be looked up as a pack-of-germs. Tablet Digital Menu are not going to cut it.

Deliver live menu with updated prices and offers to your dine-in guest with digital menu on the app.

Go Germ Free with Pickyto


Orders Processed


Increase in Order Size


Restaurant Partners

Say No To Losing Customers.

Empower your guest to order ahead, skip the queue and pick up on the go


More Orders. Bigger Orders

Grow order sales with better, quicker ordering experience for your guest.


Loyalty Rewards

Reach new customers and grow your repeat customer with simple, effective Loyalty Rewards program directly integrated with the Pickyto

Make Sure You Are Ahead of the Curve!

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