Kiosk To The Future

Go Beyond With Self Service Ordering Kiosks

Self-Service Kiosk is a Proven Technology.

Some of the worlds largest restaurant chains already use it.

All have witnessed tangible benefits and growth.

The cutting edge technology of Self Service Kiosk is now made available to all
– thanks to Pickyto!

Reduce Operations Cost. Save Money

Kiosks are at least three times more cost effective than manual billing counters.

No More Queues. No More Waiting

No more hungry & angry customers jamming near the billing counters. Express checkout with Kiosks

Increase Order Accuracy

No more wrong orders. No more confusion at delivery. Smooth sail with digital ordering

Increase Sales by 20%

Grow leaps and bounds with Kiosk Technology. Proven Technology. Now at an affordable cost for all with Pickyto.

Fast and Secure

Secure, Scalable and Robust technology platform for payment. 100+ payment methods integrated for quick and easy ordering

Analytics and Insights

Get unparalleled insights into customer behavior and purchase patterns from our detailed reports.

Make Sure You Are Ahead of the Curve!

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