Simple and Effective Feature Set for Efficient Restaurant Operations

<br>Digital Menu

Digital Menu

Entice your guest with Vivid HD images and videos of your menu items. In the age of #Foodstagram, people buy with their eyes and heart. Give it to them with Digital Experience

<br><br><br>Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards

Reward Your Loyal Customers.
Keep track of your loyal customers with personalized promotions. Track your regular customers and create your own fan-base. Give your customers what they need with personalized re-targeting. Let’s build the trust.

<br>Digital Payments

Digital Payments

Unshackle with more 100+ payment options for your guest. In addition to supporting all major credit /debit cards, Pickyto also supports Wallets, Net-Banking, UPI, and more.

Analytics and Business Reports

Analytics and Business Reports

Timely reports and insights enable you to get better understanding of day-to-day operations. Know your key drivers. Customer Segmentation empowers to know who likes what and get better understanding on what holding back your growth.

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