Effect of COVID-19 on Restaurant Industry.

Photo by Victor J. Blue/Getty Images The restaurant industry was booming up. A Lot of restaurants were opening up in different places offering exquisite experience & food. However, this was before the pandemic COVID-19. Crowded restaurants might still be the most popular places but they won’t be the most profited places. Consumers would still be […]

Your restaurant can survive the Post-COVID19 – Contact Pickyto Today.!

The pandemic COVID-19 has changed a lot of things, our lives, our perspectives, everything. The things that were merely a luxury until now have become a necessity in the restaurant industry. We, Pickyto being the food-tech based company are trying to do what we best do in order to support the community in these difficult […]

Post COVID-19 101: How to win your customers back into the restaurant

Photo: andresr (Getty Images) It’s a known fact that Post COVID-19 will look drastically different for the restaurant industry. While it’s still too early to say what the post-COVID-19 scene is going to look like, It’s also important to all of us to take measures and make sure that we are well equipped to face the crisis […]

Future Of Restaurants – Learning From International Restaurants Conference

The 100th Restaurants Show or Conclave happened earlier last month in May, 2019 at Chicago, USA. I had the pleasure of attending it and getting to see all the cool advancement in kitchen equipment, the focus on Food Processing & Safety, and all the tech innovations in both Software & Hardware to empower restaurants to […]

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