First it was the name & now it’s the website!

We’re super stoked to let you guys know that our website has finally got a makeover!  It’s better, cooler and informative than before! Why Pickyto? With us, revolutionizing your  work life is just an app away Here is why we think we are the best choice for you With great work comes great hunger! […]

Future Of Restaurants – Learning From International Restaurants Conference

The 100th Restaurants Show or Conclave happened earlier last month in May, 2019 at Chicago, USA. I had the pleasure of attending it and getting to see all the cool advancement in kitchen equipment, the focus on Food Processing & Safety, and all the tech innovations in both Software & Hardware to empower restaurants to […]

Pickyto Says Hi! Get to know us better

The work life can be something that you’ve always wished for but along with it comes a lot of pressure and stress to achieve targets and reach goals. The one thing that we look forward to in our busy routine, is perhaps our one hour of break to enjoy their meals, socialize and have some […]

We’re getting a new name super soon. Any guesses?

Lassi is getting a new name super soon. Everybody at the office were brainstorming for names and taglines and it proved to be one big hurdle and a busy week for us. Although we do like the name ‘Lassi’ we noticed, at our launch events, there were many who confused us for a restaurant/ app […]

Now Available @ Kapil Towers

Use “KAT30” to get 30% off on the first order. Download Now! Now Available in Kapil Towers Order from multiple restaurants in just one Go! Get it delivered to your Office Desk. Or skip queue and Pick-it Up @restaurant delivery counter. Download Now! Don’t Be Hungry & Angry @ Work! Say No to Long Queues in your office […]

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