How does Pickyto Mobile Order Ahead app work?

Pickyto provides contactless express food ordering solutions and touchless payment experience for restaurants for both dine-in and take-away. Our premium products are Digital menu, Order-ahead app and self-service kiosk. Wondering how our products are useful to your customers and beneficial to you at the same time.? Let me walk you through it. This is how […]

Pickyto Kiosk – All You Need To Know About Self Service Ordering

Queues are everywhere.!  Let it be the college canteens during recess time, Tech park food courts filled with business professionals, Food courts at shopping malls or the food stalls in theme parks, music festivals, game matches, exhibitions and conferences.  The three most common things across all these verticals are – Food, Queues and hungry customers. […]

Effect of COVID-19 on Restaurant Industry.

Photo by Victor J. Blue/Getty Images The restaurant industry was booming up. A Lot of restaurants were opening up in different places offering exquisite experience & food. However, this was before the pandemic COVID-19. Crowded restaurants might still be the most popular places but they won’t be the most profited places. Consumers would still be […]

Your restaurant can survive the Post-COVID19 – Contact Pickyto Today.!

The pandemic COVID-19 has changed a lot of things, our lives, our perspectives, everything. The things that were merely a luxury until now have become a necessity in the restaurant industry. We, Pickyto being the food-tech based company are trying to do what we best do in order to support the community in these difficult […]

Post COVID-19 101: How to win your customers back into the restaurant

Photo: andresr (Getty Images) It’s a known fact that Post COVID-19 will look drastically different for the restaurant industry. While it’s still too early to say what the post-COVID-19 scene is going to look like, It’s also important to all of us to take measures and make sure that we are well equipped to face the crisis […]

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