Pickyto Kiosk – All You Need To Know About Self Service Ordering

Queues are everywhere.! 

Let it be the college canteens during recess time, Tech park food courts filled with business professionals, Food courts at shopping malls or the food stalls in theme parks, music festivals, game matches, exhibitions and conferences. 

The three most common things across all these verticals are – Food, Queues and hungry customers. This exact combination has the potential to create complete chaos in your business. Managing the crowd and delivering the right food to the right person can get very difficult. 

This is where we come in.

Introducing Pickyto Self Service Food Ordering Kiosk!

With the Pickyto Kiosk:

– You can breakdown the customer traffic
– Take more orders from customers
– Process orders more quickly than ever before and 
– Best of all,with better guest experience as the customer doesn’t need to wait in line.

All your customers got to do is:

– Choose the food they love,
– Pay for the food,
– Pick up the food at the restaurant once they get notified.

Here is why you need Pickyto Kiosks

20 %

Increase in Basket Size


Orders Processed so far

120 +


30 %

Faster Table Turn Around Times


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