Post COVID-19 101: How to win your customers back into the restaurant

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It’s a known fact that Post COVID-19 will look drastically different for the restaurant industry. While it’s still too early to say what the post-COVID-19 scene is going to look like, It’s also important to all of us to take measures and make sure that we are well equipped to face the crisis ahead.

So, here we are jotting down some ways, by doing which you can win your customers back.

  1. Digitize anything and everything that’s possible – Consumers are going to be more conscious than ever with their dining experience. Any means of spreading germs can make them run for hills. So, from payments to the menu, ordering to receipts. Digitizing is the key.
  1. Hygiene is to be maintained and communicated – Cleanliness and hygiene are the most important factors moving forward. After all, it’s the food we are talking about. However maintaining is only half of the task, the other half is that this needs to be communicated to your customers in the most efficient way possible. 
  1. Zero-waste cooking methods with short or constantly changing menus – We all are aware that the COVID-19 hit us so badly damaging the financial status of every individual. This calls for affordable food and inorder to provide that, changing the cooking methods and moving to small menus could be essential.
  1. Adaptability to the takeaway and delivery models – Since, social distancing is still going to be a thing and probably a rise in the takeaway & delivery orders. It’s very important that you find perfect delivery and takeaway models which serves you and your consumers best.
  1. Grow your brand – Grow connections via website, app and other online channels to keep orders coming in and good vibes going out. Connect and serve your community during these hardships.

Pickyto provides contactless express food ordering solutions and touchless payment experience for restaurants – both dine-in and take-away. 

Lets kick-start and grow revenues in the Post COVID world – now!

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