Let’s get your restaurant ready to fight the COVID-19.

The Pandemic COVID-19 has shaken up all our beliefs, it pushed us all into an uncertain future. None of us really know about how the world is going to look when we come out of our houses, nor how long it will take to go back to normal.

Nonetheless, it also strongly suggests two things – survival of the fittest and importance of standing alongside each other to fight this together.

During these times, it is very much mandatory to maintain social distancing. But, there is also another mandatory thing, which is to make a virtual connection with your customers.As a restaurant, you would have done a lot of promotional activities to increase your brand awareness. Right now, Humanizing your brand matters the most and contributing to the locality around you, the customers around you by doing what you would want your favourite restaurant to do as a consumer. 

It is very important to understand your customer needs and provide them those. For example: Maybe there is a certain delicious food that you serve only for dine-in, maybe you should try to box it up for a delivery or takeaway. Communicate transparently with your customers, show them how many measures you are taking to provide them good quality food. Show them that you care and build the trust. Because, the only way we can fight this extremity is by evolving to new means and standing together.

Pickyto provides contactless express food ordering solutions and touchless payment experience for restaurants – both dine-in and take-away. 

Lets kick-start and grow revenues in the Post COVID world – now!

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