First it was the name & now it’s the website!

We’re super stoked to let you guys know that our website has finally got a makeover! 

It’s better, cooler and informative than before!

Why Pickyto?

With us, revolutionizing your 

work life is just an app away

Here is why we think we are the best choice for you

With great work comes great hunger! For all the hard work you put it, you deserve to treat yourself to some yummy lunch. Download the app and place an order with us. 

Say goodbye to all those  ‘Divide and Conquer’ strategies for with Pickyto you will ‘Stay Together, Order Together and Eat Together’.

We’re pocket friendly and you can now have your everyday meals at a lesser price! Exciting offers from restaurants, but wait it doesn’t end there.  The more you order the higher up you go in the Pickyto League and the closer you get towards the cup that wins you an exciting offer. 

Like the app? Then refer your friends. Be our inside promoter and get treated for every referral you make! 
How you ask? Share your code with a friend. Get him/her to download the app and place their order using your code. Get 50% off on your next order for every referral you make

We’re the best bet for you!

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get ordering on Pickyto!

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