Pickyto is our new name. Our services remain just the same.!

We’re here with a whole lot of madness and an even more comfortable identity. Hope you’ll like it the same way. It’s been two weeks since we emerged with our new name and we are so glad to see all the plans and thoughts have turned to reality.!

Want to know how Lassi turned into Pickyto.? Check out We’re getting a new name super soon. Any guesses? and to know why the choice is “Pickyto”, do look at this And the name is…

And oh yes, eager to know something which headed up as well?

Here we have something lighting up along…

Prince tower, our new destination has successfully reached a month today!

Weeks had passed by building happy memories, extending our services and our major motive is to strive to save some precious time of yours. It has been such an awaited moment taking up to the next step. We are happy to announce that today marks one month since we launched in Prince Info City II and it’s been an amazing ride.

Our new call along with our new start, it’s been such an overwhelming experience

Done reading.?? Then start ordering.!


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