We’re getting a new name super soon. Any guesses?

Lassi is getting a new name super soon. Everybody at the office were brainstorming for names and taglines and it proved to be one big hurdle and a busy week for us. Although we do like the name ‘Lassi’ we noticed, at our launch events, there were many who confused us for a restaurant/ app that sells Lassi.

Want to know what kind of questions we had to face?

They were something on the lines of  ‘Hey, so when are you guys opening your restaurant at our food court?’ or ‘Do you guys prepare fresh Lassi here or is it sourced from somewhere else?’ or ‘I’ve used the app but why is there no Lassi in the menu?’ and so the story goes…

Based on the feedback we received from our loyal customers and their suggestions to change the name, we decided that it was high time that we did in order to avoid confusion in the future. However, the task and process of agreeing on a new name was not easy. We’ve had about 50 names, we’ve gone back and forth and when we thought things finally fell into place; the domain was not available. What seemed like an impossible task finally saw some light; the name has been decided upon and things are being set in motion.

We shall be revealing it super soon. Stay tuned!

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